Richmond Sedan Service

By Ben Mercer

December 17, 2014

What's the difference between sedan service and taxi service? Black Car is a Richmond sedan service, not a taxi service, per se. A taxi service gets you from one place to another and that's great. A sedan service like Black Car focuses on two areas - quality and service - that regular taxi services do not.

Richmond Sedan Service

There is a difference between a service like Uber, when you plug in your location and someone (who knows who?) comes to pick you up and the service you get with Black Car Richmond. Please understand that we have nothing against taxi services, and we think that the drivers in this city are some of the best, but what we offer is different in terms of service. When we drive you, you're not a fare. You're a client. And we treat you that way. We are available via phone and text at a moment's notice. We pick you up in a Town Car that is clean, comfortable, and has the amenities you're looking for when you want to travel to your destination in style and comfort. You're not just paying for a ride. You're paying for a personalized service that is customized to your needs.

Part of the difference lies in the vehicle itself. With a taxi service or Uber, you aren't exactly sure what you're going to get. Taxis in Richmond are well-maintained and clean, sure, but we take the time and put in the energy to make sure our car exceeds your expectations. Every time.

Other advantages of sedan service over taxi service include:

  • Flat rate pricing is often less expensive than taxi fare pricing, since metered taxis charge for distance AND time.
  • Taxis are not guaranteed to be available on demand, and Uber drivers are also not always available, especially in Richmond.
  • With taxi services, you often have to deal with an intermediary operator or scheduler, adding an extra step (and often more frustration) to the process of finding a ride.

Sedan service offers a comfortable, luxurious transportation experience for a very reasonable cost. Dedicated service, attentive drivers, and a company committed to devoting the time and interest into making your experience the best it can be are all compelling reasons to choose Black Car Richmond for your transportation needs.

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