Tacky Light Tour Downtown Richmond

By Ben Mercer

December 13, 2014

Downtown Richmond is a great place for excellent food, great music venues, museums and more. It's also a fantastic tacky light destination for those seeking excellent Richmond limousine services for one of the most popular holiday activities in town. Black Car Richmond is that limousine service, and the Downtown Richmond tacky light tour is memorable, to say the least. A word - our usual tacky light tour route is the Glen Allen/West End route because it is the most popular, but this tour is available upon request - just say you want to do the downtown route you saw on our site!

1510 Claiborne Street Tacky Lights


Looking for a winter wonderland in 50 degrees? Look no further. At this stop, 40 inflatables adorn the "snow" covered lawn. Go at the right time and you might get a candy cane from Santa himself.

408 South Laurel Tacky Lights

Located in historic Oregon Hill, Liz Kolonay and Marc Leslie's house's is a neighborhood effort. Since they started lighting up, their neighbors have given them things to add, and they did most of their mold shopping in Pennsylvania. It's a dazzling display of just about everything.

7709 Duncaster Road Tacky Lights

Located in Stratford Hills just across the river, these homeowners took a few years off from the razzle dazzle but are back this year in full effect. They have moving lights that are included in the 50,000+ twinklies that they've put up this year. Definitely worth a look.

3325 Warner Road Tacky Lights


Also in Stratford Hills, this home features lots and lots of lights, but also little boxy dioramas that Richmond.com describes as invoking the memories of display windows in department stores.

Monument Avenue

It's Monument Avenue. It's Christmastime. It's Richmond. Just do it.

1510 Grove Avenue Tacky Lights


This lovely home in Richmond's Fan District is lit up for the third year in a row and the homeowner, Beth Bailey, takes a lot of delight bringing Christmas Cheer to Grove Avenue. There are several other houses in the fan that put on the dog, so encourage your driver to take his or her time in this neighborhood.

3307 Kensington Avenue

Anthony Caramucci, the guy responsible for the tacky lights at 3307 Kensington, relishes in the fact that they are tacky. That accounts for the 20+ inflatables and enormous Santa Claus in the front yard. It's definitely worth a trip through Richmond's Museum District.

These are some of the stops on Black Car tacky light tour downtown Richmond. Call us today at 804-629-0629 to book us!

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